A Cord of Three Strands

Our “three strands” are three women who stepped out in obedience to a place where God called us in the summer of 2016. During a trip like none any of us had ever experienced, we began to learn more and more about who we are in Christ, what God had created us to do, and we began to discover that God was weaving us together ┬áto return home to fulfill a unique calling on our lives as one cord of three strands.

The Purpose We Were Woven For

Our ministry’s purpose includes leading others to:

  • Understand that they were created to live out the plans God has for each of our lives, and to live them intentionally.
  • Realize that His plans for us are designed to be woven together with His plans for all other believers, creating vital parts of God’s Master Plan for eternity.
  • Discover our God-given visions that will lead us in living intentionally the plans He has for us.
  • Become better stewards of our part of God’s Master Plan as we accomplish His will through reaching outward to show the world His love, and reaching inward to grow ourselves into the leaders He created us to be.
  • Learn to obey His Great Commission to go out and disciple others in the unique way He has created each of us to do that.

The Need We Are Called to Meet

There would be no reason for CTS Ministries to exist if God did not see a need He intended for us to meet. The need is this: our souls need to be untangled.

  • Why we need this. We need to discover the purpose God created us to live out, and we need to live it intentionally, because our days are numbered.
  • The process of meeting this need. Through Retreats and Small Group Studies, CTS Ministries will facilitate events to help women discover their gifts, their stories, their people, their places, and their passions. We will lead them through a process of learning to see the lies the enemy has told them about who they are, and to replace those lies with God’s truth about who they are and what they are created to accomplish.
  • The results of the process. As a result of the process designed to meet these needs, participants in our events will develop a laser-like focus regarding the facets of who they are, and they will begin to understand how to live intentionally.
  • The call to action. Participants will be challenged to:
    • Discover and pursue their vision
    • Learn to dream
    • Discover what breaks their heart, enabling them to…
    • Discover what God created them to do about it.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that believers would discover the truth about who they are, determine to live out the purposes they were designed to fulfill, surrender to their unique God-given vision, and dare to embrace the dreams God has for them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower believers through the untangling of their hearts and souls to discover the truth about their gifts and talents, to gain a better understanding of the places they were created to go and the people they were designed to team with, to discover the purposes that God is calling them to fulfill, and to challenge them to surrender to God’s vision for them so they may become brave enough to embrace the dreams God has for them.