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Fall Two-Night Retreat


Friday, November 6 – Sunday, November 8, 2020 – Hot Springs, Arkansas

Enough isolation… let’s get ready to CONNECT!

We can Zoom and FaceTime all we want, but it’s just not the same as real connecting. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ourselves isolated from friends, co-workers, and even family in some cases. We have faith that this will end before this fall. That’s why we have set the dates and reserved our location for our annual fall women’s retreat.

We typically refer to this retreat as our “Untangle” Retreat, and we do plan to concentrate on untangling from the myriad of life’s expectations and demands on our lives. But the thing we’re looking forward to most this year is a time to connect with like-minded women who want to get our feet back under ourselves, get grounded again, and enjoy some human company in the beauty of the trails and lakes of central Arkansas.

And there will be plenty of untangling too, because…

Sometimes our soul just gets in a wad.

That was the only way I knew to describe how I felt. I was about to take the podium at a women’s event when some friends asked if they could pray for me. What I said surprised me even more than it did them.

“Yes, please! My soul is in a wad!”

How un-spiritual did that sound?! But it was the most honest assessment I knew. Everything inside me was in a tangled mess and I knew that only God could sort it all out without unraveling me.

Our annual Fall Retreat guides women through a process of unplugging, decluttering, and getting a better grasp of how simple and singularly-focused our lives can be when we determine to put aside the unnecessary things and live a life focused on what God deems most important for us.

This retreat is expected to begin at approximately 5:00 on Friday afternoon and conclude at approximately 11:00 Sunday morning.

Our Fall Retreat guides you to receive a word from God. One word. Your own unique word for the entire year that will empower you to live for God with clarity, power, and passion. Your One Word word crystallize your vision. You’ll begin a journey of putting aside many of the “good things” in life to make room for the best thing God has planned for you. You will learn to live with focus. To be more aware of God at work around you, and to live intentionally, refusing to waste another day wandering aimlessly through life.

We will work our way through the little book by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page, One Word that will Change Your Life.

…as you experience the One Word process, know that you are not just shaping you; you are also shaping the world around you. You are creating your One Word legacy. (page 81)

This is more than a self-improvement retreat based on a self-help book. This book was written with the purpose of helping each of us determine where God wants us to be and how He wants to guide us.

There’s a word that’s meant for each one of us – a word based on where we are in our lives and where God wants to guide us. (page 38)

After preparing your heart, all you have to do is plug in and listen up. Then God will reveal your word to you. (page 39)

It’s not some magical formula, it’s simply learning to unplug from the distractions that vie for our attention and our energy on a daily basis. It’s determining to focus on God, to hear His voice, and follow in Him in the clear and singular way He wants to lead you.

Unplugging. It’s the basis of all our retreats, and its foundation is from the very example Jesus set for us.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16, NIV

Getting away from every distraction with the sole purpose of connecting with God for renewal and revelation.

Our Fall Retreat combines the concept of getting away with the purpose of learning how to live our lives with focus and purpose. Learning how to live intentionally. We hope you can join us!

Due to space considerations, we will be able to accept a limited number of participants.

Registration fee is $250 per person.*

Registration fee includes all lodging, study materials, and meals from Friday evening’s dinner through Sunday morning’s breakfast. To learn more or to register, click here.

*Anyone who has attended our One Word Retreat previously, and who already has the book and materials qualifies for a reduced registration fee of $235 per person.