Summer One-Day Event


Saturday, July 21, 2018 – Woodruff Electric Cooperative Community Room

3201 Highway 1 North, Forrest City, AR 72335
We all face challenges. 

In most instances we probably carry around our challenges like extra baggage that we could lay down… if only we would. At this one-day event we’ll discover things about ourselves, learn how to identify our challenges for what they are, and determine how we can face those challenges head-on.

There’s no magic bullet to remove our challenges, but we can deal with them in a healthy way when we recognize our challenges for what they are and understand them better. We’ll take a few hours to discuss our Relational Challenges, our Logistical Challenges, and our Physical Challenges. In other words, we’ll discuss our relationships, our time, and our health. You may not find quick answers, but our goal is for you to leave with the tools you need to challenge your own personal challenges and come away the winner.

Registration fee is $25 per person, and the fee covers a continental breakfast, lunch, and materials for each of the three sessions.

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